"It’s Time for T.S.A. Workers to Strike

The shutdown is painful, but it is also an opportunity for labor to take a stand."

But... what about "security?"

TSA isn't security, it's Security Theatre.

If Little Donnie Trump cares so much about TSA and Border Patrol and ICE, maybe you should pay them. Duh!


@hhardy01 I wish everyone would quit the TSA and get better jobs. America has the worst security theatre in the world. In no other countries do you have to take off your shoes or do people molest you just to get on a god damn plane. I hate flying in America so much. I shouldn't have to be touched if you're already using your useless, 60% false positive mm-wave scanners that don't do shit.

@djsumdog @hhardy01 those mm-wave scanners are just camel toe and moose knuckle capture devices

@feld @hhardy01 the m-wave scanners don't produce the images, like the backscatters/x-rays did (and those were bloody dangerous!). No they're multi-million dollar pieces of electronics that could be replaced with a six sided die. They can't actually detect shit.

@djsumdog @hhardy01 sell nanometer wave devices and tell TSA they're an upgrade. Become a billionaire.
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