@Liberty4Masses I just finished reading The Fountainhead and I find this kinda stuff. idiotic. The idea that altruism is bad and that collectivism breeds meritocracy is the mentality of a psycho who believes they got everything they had by themselves; not understanding that everything in our modern civilization (from streets, to cars, to police, to the Internet) comes via collectivism. The captain of a ship can't actually run the ship. He is dependent on the individual training of the crew.

@djsumdog @Liberty4Masses You don't know what collectivism is. It's an abstract concept used to sort people into groups. Recent DNA ancestry tests prove that collectives are arbitrary abstractions. These abstractions should never take priority over the individuals who invented them, and collectivism is used to justify the forced association of individuals rather than voluntary associations.

Your argument makes no distinction between forced and voluntary associations.

And I've never read Rand.

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